Connect Four

A couple is playing a competitive game of Connect Four. For Michael, it is a must to beat his girlfriend. For Crystal, it’s just another day to spend with her obsessive but lovable boyfriend.

May 22 2008
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Cinnamon Monster

April 25, 2008
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Are you between the ages of 14-19? Are you interested in programming for and by other teens? If so, you should take a look at what the ICA teen programs has to offer.

The Teen Arts Council consists of twelve ambitious high school students who share a common interest in the arts and public relations. The council organizes Teen Nights, assists upcoming artists, and various projects though out the year. Our primary objective is to supply Boston’s youth with the tools to voice themselves in the contemporary world of art.



"Before I became part of the Teen Arts Council I felt like my life was all the same, the same people, same places, same ideas. Being part of the ICA has helped me expand who I am, and explore big ideas…new and different things that weren’t part of my life before. When I hear people talk about art and museums as unimportant or insignificant, I want to tell them that they have it so wrong. It’s one of the most important things that I know.

TAC Alum Chabelyz Mejia, 2009-2012

Click here to apply online.



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