Advanced Digital Photograph: Focused Flicks - Spring 2016


Saturdays January 16th - May 21st 10am- 1pm

This Photography Club is an opportunity for photo lovers of all levels to meet and learn from each other.
Each session will be a blend of self-directed student interest and practice as well as in-depth instructional opportunities.

1.To reinforce and build upon the skills learned during the Special-Focus Digital Photography workshops to guide students as they build there own photography practice.
2.To engage students with multiple special focus sessions, chosen by participating students with options including but not limited to
-exhibition curation, alternative print surfaces, creating a portfolio for college applications, medium format digital cameras, portraiture, scale, shooting for clients (other ICA teen program students as clients)
3. To exhibit photographs in an exhibit curated by students from the class.
4. To engage in critique and contemporary dialog with each other about photography.

Saturdays January 16th - May 21st 10am- 1pm
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