Digital Photography - Intermediate Fall 2016


Wednesdays, October 19th - November 16th 2016

Using digital SLR cameras, you will learn advanced camera operations and processing RAW image files for manipulating and editing images in Photoshop. As a class, we will look at and discuss "EKS, XSYST, EXSIZ, XIS" by Shannon Ebner in the ICA's permenent collection.

In order to participate in this second level photography class, you must complete the prerequisite Digital Photography Beginner course, or have advanced skills using DSLR cameras and Photoshop . No equipment is necessary; however if you have a DSLR camera, you are encouraged to bring them.

● Understand more advanced manual camera settings
● Introduce professional file saving standards
● Introduce photography concepts such as framing, lighting, and subject placement

Final projects will consist of 5 properly editing and posted images.

Full scholarships available for Boston Public School students.
Fee: Fee: $185 nonmembers; $150 members

Wednesdays, October 19th - November 16th 2016 4:00PM–6:30PM
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