Teen Night: Power House


The ICA is hosting our first Teen Night of the 08-09 school year on Friday, November 7, 2008 from 6-9pm and our mission is empowerment. The name of this Teen Night is “PowerHouse,” and the theme is politically inspired.

In today's society, most students don't feel like they have a voice. It seems like if you're not eighteen or above, your opinion of the nation doesn't count. Our goal is to not only empower students to learn more about the issues, but to broaden their horizons, and put action to their ever-so-often silenced voices. The Teen Arts Council at the ICA believes there is power in our voices, and we have the right to be heard.

Open wall: a huge wall that we have set up for people to express themselves with discussion about the issues that are basically going to shape the rest of our lives. It’s just teens throwing out there opinions and views on things that are going on in our society, which is going to come in handy, because we will also be casting our 2008 Presidential Ballots.

Fashion show: a show is about expressing yourself and showing who you really are, stereotypes torn down. The models are strutting their stuff in both couture and creatively put-together outfits that fall into our style category.

Open Mic: lyrically insane teens from all over Boston are coming to express themselves and put an end to the silence.

DJ party: three djs: Volvox, Die Young and Baltimoroder - so the night will be really hype and fun.

Free for teens