Whether you’re setting out with a camera, making videos with your phone, or spending hours watching movies, film is a big part of your everyday. Learn about all stages of filmmaking from professional artists and filmmakers. Develop yourself as a filmmaker, cinematographer, and video editor, all while having fun and making friends.

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    Fast Forward is a group of teens from the Boston area who are passionate about film and video . In Fast Forward, we draw on our unique interests and experiences to tell compelling stories through art. We feel that film is not only a form of...
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    Oct 13Jun 82023
    Thursdays: 4:00pm-7:00pm (Intermediate)
    Oct 14Jun 92023
    Fridays: 4:00pm-7:00pm (Advanced)
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    Music videos can interpret images or scenes from a song’s lyrics, capture a live performance, or tell another story. They can be experimental, elaborate, or even abstract. Your music video can be whatever you make it, as long as it’s a short film...
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    Teen Digital Cooperative (TDC) is a group of paid teens from the Boston area that find creative ways to share, honor, and amplify stories they gather from people across Boston. You will learn to use digital media tools like cameras, audio recorders...
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