As a young and upcoming photographer during COVID-19, I was thoroughly challenged to creatively explore the world around me. There was a different filter placed over my eyes, which influenced what I chose to capture in my photos. At times, I felt confined and limited to the space in my room, in my house, and in my neighborhood. I would think, “there isn’t much to see around here.” As I would soon come to realize, this was not exactly true. I just needed a new angle and interesting subjects to focus on. The collection represents my highs and lows during the pandemic, spanning from the love I’ve received from international online friends to the impact my community faced during this time. Every aspect holds great importance to me, especially as we all start to make our way out of the pandemic and out of 2020 into the new year.

Chinatown Gate
Mental Weight
Midnight Misery
Sky: Love from Around the World